System Administration

As IT is advancing and becoming more and more necessary in businesses, people are looking to hire system administrators. A System Administrator has many jobs. From training staff on using the systems to offering support on the systems. They also have the roles of network engineer, network support, programming and web design/maintenance. Because of the specifications and job roles of a systems administrator, they can be very costly to hire on a full term basis when it may be the occassional use for them. However most businesses cannot afford to have one for security reasons. This is understood in Latham-Tech so we offer highly skilled system administrators on a contract basis. We have many set packages but along with this we also offer custom packages. Below is a description of all of our set packages. If however these do not meet your needs, please contact us on and we will happily discuss what we can do for you.


The general roles of a systems administrator are:

– Installing Applications

– Troubleshooting problems with a computer

– Troubleshooting network connectivity issues

– Setting up and adding new computers/servers/printers/laptops to a company network

– To develop the currently running system to make it more suitable for the companys needs.

– To perform basic scripting and SQL monitoring for the company machines/software


All of our packages can be tailored to your specific needs. For a quote or any more information please contact

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