Technical Documentation

There are many processes used in the IT industry that are frequently forget if not used everyday. We understand that researching and training staff takes up valuable time so as part of support Latham-Tech has done the work for you. This page has all manners of basic – complex files describing how to do each individual process. For example creating shortcuts/files on your computer. Below will be a full list of our technical douments and their prices. If you wish to purchase one please follow the link and it will take you to the purchase screen on our store Here you have a description of what each document is for. From this screen you just complete checkout as normal and the file can be downloaded for your use.

Technical Documents

IT Basics

– Removing Computer Programs
– Creating Folders, Shortcuts and Files
– Changing Folders Storage Locations

Microsoft Office

IT Support

Debugging Slow Computers
Removing A Virus
Running Computer Maintenance

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Adding/Ammending Users (Logins)

Running A Backup From SQL Management Studio

Troubleshooting SQL Access


Web Design

We hope you find everything you are looking for but if not please contact us with your specification and we will do our best to find a solution for you! All of our technical documents are written by our staff so every document belongs to us. Having our staff write them also means we can produce customized documents specifcally for you and your needs.

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